Werkingmate Features

Time Tracking

Werkingmate’s time tracking software allows you to check your and your employees’ time. See what everyone’s been working on throughout their shifts through detailed summaries.

A stopwatch functions as the time tracker. Managers can adjust minutes or hours when needed. Graphs and stats illustrate and break down how they they spend their working hours, active times, and breaks.

Accurate time tracking has never been this easier with this app.

time tracking

Productivity Monitoring

Want to know how each employee’s doing? This employee tracking software has what you need.

Werkingmate’s all-in-one productivity tracker allows you to see the following:

  • Real-time progress

    Users get to see progress as it happens. You won’t have to keep refreshing dashboards and pages.

  • Time spent per project (total time, active time, and idle time)

    See a complete and accurate breakdown of your working hours.

This feature encourages employees to master time management and accountability. With Werkingmate in tow, you’re on your way to professional growth.

productivity monitoring

Pop-Up Notifications

Since it monitors your working hours, this time tracking app gives users a head’s up through pop-up notifications. The alerts come when this productivity tracker detects excess time on nonwork-related tasks and sites. They also notify users when their device has been idly sitting longer than it should be.

Distractions happen to the best of us. Werkingmate can easily spot them with just an alert.

pop-up notifications

Monitor Screenshots

People say that pictures are worth thousands of words. Werkingmate takes screenshots of employee monitors every now and then to see what you’ve been doing. This feature allows users and managers to ensure that not a single second of employee working hours is wasted. Don’t worry, though—they won’t be made public.


Device Compatibility

Are you worried about operating system compatibility? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered.

Werkingmate is a nifty time tracking software that isn’t just for one system. This time tracking app is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Apple devices. Keep tabs on your progress with this handy time tracker.

device compatibility

Data Security

Confidentiality is a trait that this time tracking platform highly believes in. Werkingmate keeps your information safe and secure, from your app usage down to your screenshots. Rest assured that our servers keep your data sealed.

data security

Hassle-Free Setup and Responsive Support

This fuss-free time tracker doesn’t take a village to set up. All you need is a stable internet connection, and you’re good to go. Installation takes less than 15 minutes. Any invited Werkingmate user will receive instructions via email to help kick things off.

Got any questions for us? Just leave us a message, and we’ll be happy to help. Our customer support specialist will readily answer your concerns.

customer support

Time tracking and productivity monitoring, all in one app

We’re big believers in convenience and efficiency. Allow us to do the heavy lifting for you. Just sit back, focus on your work, and let your productivity levels shoot through the roof.

Download Werkingmate Desktop
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