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Regardless if you’re in the field or working from the comforts of your home, time tracking and productivity monitoring are still essential. You don’t want to be kept in the dark about progress, right?

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How Werkingmate Works

Werkingmate is the best tracking app for all things time and productivity. Installing this employee tracking software is a win-win for employees and employers: both parties can gain valuable insights from the stats and figures and use them as benchmarks for growth.

Quick time tracking from anywhere on any device

In this day and age, time trackers are a must for every workplace setup. Werkingmate’s convenient time tracker feature is great for mastering time management. Whether you’re on your PC or laptop, you can count on Werkingmate to count the clock for you. All you have to do is just sit and press the play button.

Track Employee Time Accurately
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Real-time updates

Want your updates as they happen? No problem. Werkingmate’s time tracking software allows users and employees to see progress as it happens. With its screenshot and web and app tracking features, you won’t miss a beat at work. Pop-up notifications will appear from time to time to help employees focus on their jobs.

See Updates Instantly
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Accurate time and productivity reporting

Guessing games aren’t good for reports—accuracy is. Time tracking software and productivity trackers are well aware of this. Thankfully, you have a time tracker running the numbers for you.

This employee tracking software calculates employees’ productivity rates and breaks them down into detailed daily and weekly reports, accessed in just a few clicks. Take the data and use it to your advantage.

Manage Projects Easily
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User-friendly interface

Time tracking programs don’t have to be complicated. After all, what good are they if employees can’t understand them? Werkingmate has an employee-friendly interface that won’t take much to get used to. Tracking productivity has never been more convenient than with us.

Efficiency for Everyone
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No-check ins necessary

Are you tired of signing in repeatedly? Most employees are too. Luckily, Werkingmate saves you the trouble of entering email addresses and passwords over and over.

Users can access the data they need in a snap through a convenient dashboard. It contains the day’s total projects, project durations, screenshots, web and app usage, and more.

Simplify Your Process
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Transparency and recognition

Time tracking apps encourage workplace accountability and transparency. Since all the data is in one software, users will know how they manage their time and tasks while on the job.

Thanks to Werkingmate’s existence, employers and managers can recognize and reward who’s working productively and efficiently. Employers and employees can benefit from this incentivization in two ways: one, the latter can gain motivation to perform better at work. And two, the former can reach out and help employees with productivity issues.

Improve Management & Productivity
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Time tracking and productivity monitoring, all in one app

We’re big believers in convenience and efficiency. Allow us to do the heavy lifting for you. Just sit back, focus on your work, and let your productivity levels shoot through the roof.

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